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Bombay Bramble Blackberry & Raspberry Infused Gin 700ML

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Pink gin is all grown up. Bombay Bramble takes the thing that made Pink Gins so popular— the berry flavor— and elevates the concept.

Firstly, Bombay Bramble starts with Laverstoke Mill’s signature Bombay Dry Gin as a base. Then they add “natural flavors of blackberries and raspberries,” which were “harvested at the peak of ripeness.” There is no added sugar. The deep cranberry hue is the result of a natural infusion of “black carrots and black currant.”

Bottled at a robust 43% ABV, this is a berry flavored gin that is suitable for mixing as well.


COLOR: Deep reddish pink, almost suggestive of magenta or cranberry juice. It is perfectly transparent.

AROMA: Tart and berry forward with heavy aromas of currant. Angelica and hints of spice round things out and give Bombay Bramble a vague impression of its source material.

FLAVOR: Bombay Bramble is tart and rather dry, with clear gin character. Early, cranberry. Mid-palate, juniper, tart raspberry jam, coriander and a hint of lemon zest.

FINISH: Dry and un-sweet raspberry preserves with a hint of spice. While cognitively a bit surprising to taste literal berries, absolutely devoid of any sweetness, it works well. Sipped, it’s pleasant with a nice balance

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