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Our Story

Established in 1968, TWE started as a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Store in Petaling Jaya and has grown to become a Group consisting of Beverage Import & Distributions, Fine Wines, Personal Healthcare and Retail today.

Tong Woh Enterprise (HQ) is strategically located in Bandar Sunway, a famous location easily accessible from all major highways including Federal Highway, LDP, NPE, and NKVE.

Our stores are equipped with modern warehouse facilities that come with a large storage capacity and air-conditioned storage and chilled room for premium spirits and fine wines. We adopt strict professional FIFO control practices for bulk items such as beer barrels and fast-moving consumer goods such as Coca-Cola products.

The TWE logistic team has the expertise in moving both heavyweight and delicate fine wines and champagne items in the most efficient and professional manner.

Moreover, we have a delivery fleet that encompasses 7-tonne and 5-tonne trucks and multi-functional delivery vans, directly reaching distribution points across Klang Valley.

Once a Traditional Chinese Medical Hall (TCM), TWR has now evolved into a modern TCM + Wines retail.

Mr Andy Loh found a deep passion for wines, and since the early 2000s, he has developed TWR into a well-known wine retailer with a vast portfolio of fine wines from around the world.

TWR is best known for its great fine wines and spirit selection at reasonable prices and excellent customer service. We are one of the oldest medical halls that have transformed into one of the most talked-about modern TCM & Wine Retail in town.

Our History 

TWE_Corporate.jpgHumble Beginning

Founder Loh Lum Wah started the business with little to none in his wallet. At 14 years old, he travelled alone from China to Malaysia seeking a better life. Illiterate but hardworking, he worked in a coal mine in the day and studied at night teaching himself to read and write.

A few years later, he became an apprentice in Eu Yan Sang, and started travelling across Malaysia as a salesperson. Diligent and frugal, he and his wife saved up and put their life-saving into opening his own medical hall cum grocery in 1968.

Founding Values of Tong Woh Group

When founder, Loh Lum Wah arrived in Malaya, he joined his father as a woodcutter. He further taught himself how to write and read, as he realised that education was key to a better life. He eventually became an apprentice in Eu Yan Sang, a traditional Chinese medical store. He became a salesperson and travelled across Peninsular Malaysia for the company. As fate would have it, it was during one of these sales calls to Mentakab, Pahang that he met the person who was instrumental in the founding of Tong Woh. She was Mdm Lien Bien Hwee, his future wife.

Loh Lum Wah dreamt to open his own shop. Ambitious but poor, he barely had enough money to feed his six children. As he was about to give up, his wife Bien Hwee, who had been quietly working as a seamstress, gave him her life savings so that he could fulfil his ambition.

In 1968, Tong Woh Medicine Hall opened its doors for business and this was the beginning of a legacy.

The Three Brothers


Eldest son of Loh Lum Wah

Eldest son of Loh Lum Wah, Albert saw the opportunity in the alcohol business in the '70s. In 1976, Albert diversified the family business, venturing into the alcoholic beverage supply business and changed the company name to Tong Woh Enterprise Sdn. Bhd.


Second son of Loh Lum Wah

Andy was always in the shop helping his father and brother. As Tong Woh expanded its liquor and spirits business, Andy took an interest in fine wines and decided to travel to South Australia to explore the importation of boutique wines, establishing Tong Woh Fine Wines.


Youngest son of Loh Lum Wah

Donny was the only son sent abroad to study in England. He graduated in 1985 as a Pharmacist with First Class Honours from the University of London and established Unicare Pharmacy.

The Third Generation


Eldest of the third-generation Lohs, Vincent joined the family business in his mid-twenties and with years of hard work and perseverance, he now manages the entire operation and supply chain of the business, overseeing future expansions.

Michelle is very passionate about the industry. One of the very few women at the helm, she has been overlooking the company’s sales, marketing and BD for nine years. The most challenging part is to be able to select the right brands and partners to nurture and grow together with.

With the encouragement of his cousin, Vincent, Teck Wei pursued his interest in culinary arts in Toulouse, France. Following the footsteps of his father, Andy Loh, Teck Wei found passion in fine food and wines and is now developing the wine business of Tong Woh Fine Wines.

Edna is a passionate advocate for wellness and is an Accredited Practising Dietician in Singapore and Malaysia. With her experience in the field, she decided to join her father, Donny Loh and uncles at Tong Woh in 2017 to help expand the personal healthcare arm of the Company.

As Clement started to help his father, Donny Loh, in Unicare Pharmacy, he became intrigued by the pharmaceutical and healthcare line. Clement graduated from the University of Strathclyde in Glasglow, Scotland and worked in private pharmacies in both the UK and Malaysia before joining the Unicare team in 2018.

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