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Tomintoul 14 Years Whisky Non Chill Filtered 700ml [FREE 2x Branded Whisky Glass]

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Tomintoul 14 year old is largely understated and certainly laid-back (like much of the distillery’s range). But, it’s also spirit-forward and entirely relaxed in its own skin. There’s no hiding behind the cask here – virtually all the aromas and flavours come from the distillate itself. Granted, in the grand scheme of big brassy whiskies, Tomintoul can seem rather unassuming to some – but, there’s an honesty here – whereas other whiskies will deliver much more punchy flavour, there’s often a disconnect between the relationship between the spirit and the wood. Not here. This is pretty naked. And I find that rather admirable. Perhaps this natural style is both more in step with the current market, and more of a selling point than its gentle style?

-Tasting Notes

Nose: A strong sense of ‘green’. Granny Smith apples, gooseberries, greengages and grass. And a strong sense of aromas starting with the letter ‘g’ it seems. Plenty of maltiness, but restrained by some of the barley’s natural sweetness. Toffee, butterscotch and honey sit with ginger, cream crackers and an edge of tart brassiness. Reduction (and to a degree resting) emphasises orchard fruits – pears and some riper and redder apple varietals.

Taste: The arrival delivers a rather successful combination of clingy mouthfeel alongside tangy fruitiness – almost carbonated. Dainty, but far from unassuming and at the right ABV. Similarly to the nose, we’re in apple and pear territory for the most part. But the development does have a story to tell – through malts and cereals onto spices (ginger and pepper) and dusty earthiness and finally herbs – mint leaves and menthol. The addition of water provides more of a weight difference than a flavour one – juicier, fresher ripe fruits with less mouth adherence but more silkiness. That said, this really is quaffable stuff, so there’s no actual need to water it other than for personal interest.

Finish: Short to medium, with white pepper and fresh grassiness

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